Boiler Repair, Maintenance and Installation

Is Your Boiler Busted?

Quality 1st Plumbing can do Boiler Maintenance and Boiler Repair on all brands of boiler systems.

Why Choose Boilers To Heat Your Denver Home?

Forced-air furnaces pull cooler air into your home and heat it. They then force the much warmer air into all the rooms in your house. Boilers utilize pressurized and heated water to heat your home much more efficiently. A standard efficiency boiler can get you around 83%-85%.

A high efficiency boiler from 93%-96%. We will not only have our professional boiler service technicians install a boiler but they will also make sure they are annually inspected. This is especially important to make sure that your family is warm during the cold Colorado months.

Benefits of a Boiler For Denver Weather

Boilers provide an even level of heat for your home. You can feel the difference in comparison to forced air. It radiates throughout your house. Boilers are also silent in comparison to a furnace.

A furnace can have adjustable speed but a boiler remains silent all the time. Boilers are also much cleaner because they don’t blow air. If you suffer from allergies a boiler is often your best choice to live comfortably in your own home.

You can also control boilers by zone as other forced air systems don’t have zone controls. If you’re still not convinced a boiler is the best way to heat your home give us a call! We can answer any questions you may have 303-916-6226

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Boiler Tips

  • Your boiler is an important part of any home. If maintained properly you can maximize efficiency and prevent any breakdowns.
  • The best way to prevent breakdowns is to have it get regular maintenance. Your car needs regular oil changes so you should treat your boiler the same way.
  • Gas leaks are dangerous in boilers. They are rare but can happen. Regular maintenance can catch these issues early on  and prevent a major disaster.
  • Sometimes boilers can clog. Older ones will clog more easily but sometimes even the newer ones do as well. If you check for this it can save you loads of money on your energy bill.
  • Putting your boiler through an annual service with the right company can save you thousands then if you waited for the worst case scenario.
  • All pipes and components should be inspected and cleaned during an inspection
  • All non functioning parts should also be replaced
  • All components should be functionally tested
  • Gas leaks are rare but sometimes difficult to detect
  • Make sure all boiler work is carried out buy a professional technicians with experience.

Mention our web special and get $50.00 off
some conditions apply, call for details