One of the most popular words in 2008 was “green”, and it will again dominate 2009. Even though there is a lot of talk about “going green”, what does it mean to business owners within your community?

For your local plumber, it means helping out the community to conserve wherever possible.

One of the reasons we chose to associate with GreenPlumbersUSA is to ensure we were doing all we can for our environment. We know its important to you that you conserve where you can. And we want to provide the best possible solutions for every situation.

With GreenPlumbersUSA, we have a commitment to conservation. We have extensive training and knowledge to help you:

  • lower your gas emissions in your home or business
  • install new appliances that provide top energy efficiency
  • reduce water consumption within your home or business
  • use solar hot water technology
  • learn how to manage recycled water, rain water, and graywater
  • create a master plan for all future home improvements

If you’re ready to make your home green, we’d love to help you with your strategy.