Monthly Archives: December 2008

Updating Your Home With Custom Hot Tubs And Spas

December 30th, 2008|

  Is 2009 the year you invest in a home spa? Long gone are the days of the old wooden hot tub. Today, you have many options that can accommodate any climate and décor. Start with deciding on a location. A spa may be customized within the […]

Cleaning The Bathroom Sink Drain

December 26th, 2008|

Have a clogged bathroom sink drain? Here are common methods for unclogging a clogged drain. Start by using a plunger to remove the clog. Use a plunger with a suction cup large enough to cover the drain opening. Fill the basin with […]

Choosing An Energy Efficient Appliance

December 23rd, 2008|

As one of the first certified green plumbers here in Colorado, our goal is to help you understand more on water conservation and water saving technologies. If you’ve had your washing machine, dishwasher, or refrigerator for a number of years, it may be […]

Root Damage To Your Pipes

December 19th, 2008|

It’s winter here in Colorado. Your plumbing problems can’t be caused by root damage – or can they? In both drought conditions and the winter months, roots from trees and shrubs will travel great distances to search for water. And in […]

Avoiding Holiday Plumbing Problems

December 17th, 2008|

Holidays are a time for bringing family and friends together. And in some cases, its also a time for plumbing emergencies. Not only are you spending more time at home with time off from work, but you also have more people stopping by, putting additional strain on your entire home plumbing system. Here […]

How To Choose A Toilet

December 12th, 2008|

Okay, so maybe it’s not something you think of everyday. But it is something you use everyday.

In 1994, the National Energy Policy Act of 1992 went into effect for all residential toilets, requiring that all toilets made and sold in the U.S. meet water efficiency standards. Those standards set the upper limit of a single […]

9 Things You Never Knew About Your Water Heater

December 11th, 2008|

1. The typical water heater holds 40 to 60 gallons of water.
2. The inner steel holding tank normally has a bonded glass liner to prevent rust from entering the water supply.
3. The normal temperature of water sitting in a water heater is suggested to be between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, especially with seniors […]

Is it wise to replace your own water heater?

December 5th, 2008|

In today’s tough economic times, we’re all looking for ways to save money. Instead of paying for a professional to do something, sometimes it’s just as easy to run down to the hardware store, buy the parts, and do it yourself.

But in some cases its better to let a professional take on the project. And […]

Drain Cleaning – Knowing when to call a professional

December 3rd, 2008|

Sometimes your sink backs up and its an easy fix. With a quality commercial product, you can have your drain fixed in know time.

But what if it continues? When should you make the call to your local plumber, and get the problem fixed once and for all?

If you have a repetative issue – one that […]