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Commercial Plumbing versus Residential Plumbing

February 27th, 2009|

Commercial plumbing versus residential plumbing. Is there a difference? In many ways they are similar. In both cases, the job of the plumber is to find the problem and make corrections. Whether it’s a leaky faucet, an overflowing toilet, or a backed up pipe, a plumber’s goal is to get to the root […]

8 Things Your Plumber Can Do For You

February 25th, 2009|

What do you think of when you hear the word plumber? Chances are you think of the word problem. ·    A pipe broke and is flooding your basement. ·    The water heater no longer works. ·    The sewer is backed up. But […]

Schedule a Sewer Inspection Before Buying A Used Home

February 20th, 2009|

You’ve heard the nightmare stories of homebuyers stuck with the bill of correcting sewer issues. Why not ensure the quality of your sewer system before you move in?

When people decide to buy a home, they know to get a home inspection. But very few people understand the importance of asking for a sewer inspection. Especially […]

Conducting a Home Water Audit

February 18th, 2009|

As part of Green Plumber training and commitment, one of the services we provide is an in home water audit.

A household water audit is an assessment of how much water is currently being used, and how much water can be saved by making simple improvements.

Our first task is to fully analyze your current water and […]

Plumbing Disasters: Clogged Drain Pipes

February 17th, 2009|

As a plumber, you see a little bit of everything. High up on the scale of plumbing disasters is clogged drain pipes – you never know what you are going to find lodged into a pipe. Here are some photos of clogged drain pipes. image source   image source […]

Do It Yourself Plumbing Projects – What To Do When It goes Wrong

February 13th, 2009|

Have you ever started a project that isn’t quite what you thought it would be? Maybe you decided to update the bathroom, and put in a new toilet, a new sink and vanity, and change out the plumbing fixtures. Then partially through the project, things just don’t seem to fit together the […]

Kitchen Redesign: Laying Gas Lines To Convert To A Gas Range

February 11th, 2009|

Maybe you’re thinking of redesigning your kitchen and upgrading your current appliances. Or maybe your range is many years old and is starting to give you trouble. How about converting from electric to gas, and taking advantage of the many things you can do with gas appliances? About Electric Ranges […]

Green Plumbing Design: How Residential and Commercial Will Be Going Green In The Future

February 6th, 2009|

The concept of green design is gaining momentum throughout the building industry. And as the demand from consumers continues to drive the effort, builders are responding with green solutions for both commercial and residential needs.

A green building may cost more up front, but will ultimately save through lower operating costs over the life of the […]

Running A Gas Line To A Natural Gas Fireplace

February 5th, 2009|

On the cold days of winter, a fireplace is just the thing to warm up those chilly nights.

Whether you’re converting a traditional fireplace to gas, or remodeling your home to include a gas

fireplace, a licensed plumber can help you make your project a reality.

First, select the model that’s right for you. There are dozens of […]

Plumbing Disasters: Broken Faucets

February 2nd, 2009|

You hear about the disasters on television, or from your friends and family. As a plumber, it’s amazing some of the things we see. This past weekend I went searching through photo sharing sites like Flickr to see what I could find on broken faucets. This is a collection of photographs that showcase broken faucets.

image […]