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Do Basements In Colorado Need A Sump Pump?

April 30th, 2009|

You’ve just moved in to your new home. You’re excited about finishing the basement, and adding more living space for your family. A new home theater. A games room. A bedroom. Are you also protecting it from flooding? In Colorado, most homes have basements. And a growing number of homeowners […]

Water Conservation Tips – Finding Ways To Green Up Your Home

April 24th, 2009|

Are you one of the many homeowners working to green up your home this year? Chances are you’ve started looking at the one major item that every homeowner can work to improve on – water conservation. By far water is the thing we use most in our homes; and it’s the one thing we […]

Earth Day – Celebrate With Green Plumbers

April 22nd, 2009|

Happy Earth Day. We’re excited to announce GreenPlumbers has been honored through the U.S. EPA and recognized for outstanding achievement in protecting the environment. GreenPlumbers is a national training and accreditation program that trains plumbers on taking a proactive role in protecting the environment and public health. Plumbing companies associated […]

Green Approaches To Drain Cleaning

April 17th, 2009|

There always seems to be one drain in the house that needs a little more work than the others. So every few  weeks you find yourself trying to clear out a backed up drain.

Have you ever worried about pouring harmful chemicals down the drain? How does that impact the health of your family?

Increasingly we as […]

Finding A Green Plumbing Service in Colorado

April 15th, 2009|

Efficiency and user-friendly seldom go hand in hand. If you choose to conserve and do what you can to preserve the environment, chances are you have to work a little harder finding the products and services you need. For a plumbing company to be considered green, and recognized as a Green Plumbing […]

Plumbing Fixtures: Repair or Replace?

April 10th, 2009|

Should I fix my current faucet, or should I  replace it with a water-conserving fixture?

I’ve heard the newest water-saving toilets don’t work well, is that true?

Should I attempt to replace my current bathroom fixtures myself, or hire it done?

When it comes to plumbing questions, we know you face a variety of situations throughout the […]

Denver Plumbing Service

April 9th, 2009|

Quality 1st Plumbing is a family owned, locally operated plumbing service company. With over 25 years of plumbing experience, our knowledgeable plumbers will be able to answer your questions and provide you with the best quality service around. Several things set us apart from our competition. 1. We are the […]

Fixing A Leaky Faucet

April 3rd, 2009|

A faucet that drips just once per minute will waste over 4 gallons of water every month, and over 52 gallons per year. While once per minute may not seem like much, its easy to see how it adds up over time. Faucets come in two different designs, washer-type or […]

7 Ways To Find The Best Plumber In Colorado

April 2nd, 2009|

Whether you have a small one-hour job, or a weeklong project, how can you find a reliable, reputable plumbing company? 1. Start by doing a little research online. Finding a site like this one is no accident. A plumber that takes the time to build quality information for you online wants you to […]