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Sump Pumps – Which Type Is Right For You?

July 31st, 2009|

There are three types of sump pumps available for you to use within your home basement. Two are electric models, one is water powered. Pedestal – A pedestal sump pump is an electric pump that stands upright with the motor at the top. The motor itself is not meant to get wet. […]

Plumbing Products – Recognizing The Different Types Of Pipe

July 24th, 2009|

Before working on any do it yourself plumbing project, its important to recognize the different types of piping within your home. Depending on when your home was built, you could have a variety of different types of piping, including some that may be no longer used within the industry. Plastic […]

Green Hot Water Heaters

July 23rd, 2009|

What is a green hot water heater? If you do any amount of research online, you’ll probably come to the conclusion it’s a tankless water heater. But is a tankless water heater your best option? Is a tankless water heater for you?

Here are some important facts about tankless water heaters, and things to consider when […]

DIY Plumbing – Fixing A Leaky Faucet

July 17th, 2009|

One of the most common plumbing problems in any home is a leaky faucet. Typically, a faucet can leak in one of two ways: a drip from the spout, or a water leak from the base of the handle. And because even the smallest of leaks can add up to thousands of […]

10 Plumbing Tools Every Home Should Have

July 16th, 2009|

1. Standard Plunger A standard plunger is a necessity for any type of backups in the sink, tub or shower. 2. Flanged Plunger A flanged plunger is a standard plunger with a funnel-like extension on the bottom that fits snugly into a toilet. 3. Hand Crank Drum Auger When plunging […]

How To Fix A Clogged Garbage Disposal Drain

July 10th, 2009|

Your garbage disposal is probably one of the heaviest worked appliances in your home, yet it’s often the easiest to take for granted – until it becomes clogged. Clogs are most often caused by the type of food and the amount of water used while using the disposal unit. Typically the waste line becomes […]

How To Unclog A Toilet

July 9th, 2009|

Maintaining a home means taking care of the little things as they happen. And occasionally that means unclogging the toilet. When the toilet becomes clogged, there are two ways to clear it. Unclog A Toilet Using A Plunger There are two types of plungers: cup and […]