Monthly Archives: October 2009

Emergency Plumbing Repair Service

October 29th, 2009|

The toilet is overflowing. A pipe is broken. A drain is backing up. When any of these are occurring, an emergency plumbing repair service is needed. A professional plumber deals with situations that have the potential of turning into a problematic, financial or disastrous error if not dealt with immediately. […]

House Check: Water Main and Sewer Repair

October 23rd, 2009|

One of the great things about living in Denver is the communities and unique neighborhoods. Ask anyone in the Hilltop, Park Hill or Highlands neighborhoods why they love the area – chances are you’ll hear “the large, old trees” among the list. Older communities are popular because they are already established, in the […]

Winter Watering: Avoiding Plumbing Problems With Regular Water Schedule

October 22nd, 2009|

In Colorado, you never know what the weather might entail. One day can be warm and sunny, while the next brings in the cold and snow. Not only is hard for our bodies to keep up with the temperature demands, its also hard on our landscaping. While it may be easy to forget, […]

Green Hot Water Heaters

October 16th, 2009|

Whether you’re looking at reducing the size of your carbon footprint, or just concerned with making your home a little more energy conscious, looking at green hot water heaters is one of the first places to start. After all, the way you use hot water in you home impacts a good portion of your daily […]

Home Repair: Frozen Pipes

October 15th, 2009|

The first freeze of the season is always the one that catches you off guard. Especially this year as Colorado temperatures plummeted to the 20’s.

The best way to prevent frozen pipes is to be prepared for the cold before it happens, but when it does catch you off guard, fixing it is your first concern, […]

Lone Tree Plumbing Company Goes Green

October 9th, 2009|

One of the key buzzwords of 2009 is “green”. As the first Lone Tree Plumbing Company to go green, we’ve taken the term “green” very seriously. Not only do we look for ways to help you conserve water and energy with plumbing supplies, but we also provide you tips to use in your day-to-day lives. […]

Green Plumbing Tip: Converting To A Dual Flush Toilet

October 8th, 2009|

Over the course of the last 30 years or so, we’ve seen a huge change in the amount of water used by a home toilet. Now thanks to the growing desire for green plumbing tips, many homes are installing low flow toilets, or even going to the next level of installing dual flush toilets. […]

Discounts On Water Heaters

October 2nd, 2009|

Looking to replace your water heater? Want to find discounts on water heaters, and make sure you get the best price possible? Keep these tips in mind. The average life of a water heater is 10 to 12 years. However, that can be influenced by a variety of things, including use and […]

Winterization Checklist

October 1st, 2009|

The first freeze of the season may not put your home at risk for damage, but it should be a sign that its time to start thinking about winter. Use this winterization checklist to make sure your home is in top shape before the temperatures dip even further. One of the most […]