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Tankless Water Heater vs Tank Water Heater Comparison

April 30th, 2010|

If you’ve decided to step up your water conservation tactics this year, and you’re wondering the best way to go green, start by taking a look at your water heater. How does a tankless water heater compare to a tank water heater?

Let’s start with how both systems work.

Tank Water Heater
A tank water heater comes […]

Springtime – Time To Test Your Sump Pump

April 29th, 2010|

Did you install a sump pump years ago, and have recently started wondering if its working? Or maybe you’ve recently purchased a home with a sump pump, and want to understand more about it. As spring and summer draw near, and Colorado is starting to see more rain than snow, its time to do a […]

5 Ways To Save Water Inside and Outside At Home

April 23rd, 2010|

One of the best ways to start conserving water is to take the first steps at home. As the first certified green plumbing company here in Colorado, we take conservation seriously. And we pass along the advice and information to you to help you make changes in our life as well. Even the tiniest change […]

Earth Day Celebrations – How To Get Involved in Colorado

April 22nd, 2010|

Happy Earth Day. Earth Day is a growing part of our lives, and this year is celebrating 40 years of history by helping you understand more about living a green, eco-friendly lifestyle. It doesn’t take a concerted effort or major changes to your lifestyle. Even making one small commitment to change can add up to […]

Designing A Natural Gas Outdoor Fire Pit

April 16th, 2010|

Spring is back here in Colorado. Warm days. Cool nights. It’s the perfect time for heading outside. And for designing a natural gas outdoor fire pit. What could be better than enjoying the outside with family and friends just a little longer each day?

Fire pits are permanent or portable containers designed for containing a fire […]

Green Living Tips

April 15th, 2010|

As a plumbing service committed to living green, we wanted to share some of our favorite green living tips for you to bring into your own lives. There are many things that you can do every day to make a small difference. The key is action and bringing it into your daily routine.

Bottled Water
Imagine a […]

Installing A Gas Line

April 9th, 2010|

Now that the weather is warming up here in Denver, why not think about installing a gas line to make home improvements? You could:

turn your wood fireplace into a gas fireplace

exchange your electric range for a gas range

remodel your kitchen and move the location of your gas range

add a gas grill on your deck

install a […]

Sewer Line Replacement

April 8th, 2010|

As a plumber, we do more than install water heaters and clear your drains. We can also repair or replace water or sewer lines that are damaged, cracked or broken. Our sewer line replacement service includes:

Replacing damaged or collapsed pipes that have shifted do to frozen ground, shifting and settling, or root infestation

Restoring pipes that […]

Three Things A Commercial Plumbing Service Can Do For You

April 2nd, 2010|

For a commercial plumbing service, no job is too large or too small. Their goal is to keep your business operational at all times, and give your business a good impression for those that matter most – your customers.

1. Commercial plumbing is different than residential plumbing. When you have a problem in your home, you […]

8 DIY Plumbing Tips

April 1st, 2010|

8. Keep your kitchen sink in top shape by watching what you put down the drain. Throw high concentrations of food items into the trash. Never pour grease or oil down the drain, as it tends to solidify and block your pipes. And flush your pipes with hot water periodically, especially after you’ve sent quite […]