Monthly Archives: May 2010

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Plumbing Materials

May 28th, 2010|

You found a great deal on the clearance rack of the big box store – a new bathroom faucet for a very low price. Is it a good deal? Or is it just a problem waiting to happen?

For some products, it just doesn’t pay to skimp and look for big savings. With faucets, showerheads, and […]

Do Energy Star Ratings Really Equate To Efficiency And Savings?

May 27th, 2010|

The Energy Star rating program was introduced in 1992 as a joint effort between the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy as a labeling program designed to identify and promote energy efficient products. Through this program, you can find products that will help you save money, protect the environment, and reduce […]

Water Heater Maintenance: 7 Tips for Spring Cleaning

May 21st, 2010|

There’s just something about springtime in the Rockies. You clean the windows so you can open them up and let in the fresh air. You pull out the chairs, tables and umbrellas, ready for evening barbeques. What about your water heater? Even your water heater needs a little maintenance every year in order to stay […]

Using Green Plumbing Ideas In Your Basement Remodel

May 19th, 2010|

Planning a basement remodel this summer? Here are 7 green plumbing ideas to use in your basement remodel.

1. Create a full bath with extras. While an unfinished basement usually comes with roughed-in plumbing, now is the time to move things and make it more efficient for the way you live. Would you prefer a large […]

Water Saving Toilets

May 14th, 2010|

You just bought a house. It’s 40 years old, great neighborhood, beautiful landscaping – and it needs a little TLC. Where do you start?

The best place to start is with quick fixes that can give you the biggest return for your investment.

Many of the older homes on the market still have old toilets in place. […]

Water Main Leak

May 13th, 2010|

Are you a homeowner that has an unusually high water bill, and know you haven’t increased your water usage significantly over the past month? You may have a water main leak.

In many cases, it may take months to discover you have a problem. It starts out as a slow leak, and escalates over time. But […]

Commercial Plumbing Fixtures

May 7th, 2010|

If you own a business, you know there is a difference between residential and commercial plumbing fixtures. In addition to different codes and regulations comes the increase in quality. After all, a commercial property will have much more use than a standard residential location.

So what types of things should you look at?

Lavatory sink faucets. Instead […]

Quality 1st Plumbing Celebrates National Drinking Water Week

May 5th, 2010|

Here at Quality 1st Plumbing, our number one goal is to help you go green with your home plumbing needs. And a big part of that is water conservation. While you are working to conserve the amount of water you use within your home or business, it’s also important to highlight the importance of our […]