Plumbing is the one industry we think little of, yet use the most throughout our busy days. If its working as it should, the world is good. Yet when it quits working or causes a problem, we quickly are reminded of how well we rely on this modern day convenience.

While plumbing may never be considered sexy or a topic of choice, it is moving up on the list of ways to improve our world. Commercial plumbing, specifically, is rapidly becoming the darling of government projects, business owners, and public facilities such as libraries and airports. Why? The answer lies in its cost savings potential. Savings on energy costs is vital to the future sustainability of business and governmental agencies. Additionally, there are federal government regulations that identify energy saving measures the business community must adhere to.

Commercial plumbers are major players in the green movement and will subsequently save businesses millions of dollars through the installation of energy saving toilets, urinals, and faucets, and other green technology that can help us eliminate waste. Whether you are a large corporation or a small home business, you can make changes today that will help cut costs and save energy. Here are some questions you need to ask a commercial plumber before considering the company for an important project.

1. Do you specialize in commercial projects?
There are big differences between residential and commercial plumbing projects. Make sure the company you are interviewing has the experience.

2. Are you insured and certified?
It’s important to understand what they are capable of and what knowledge base they have coming into your project.

3. Do you have on-going programs or plans?
While most residential plumbing jobs are one time projects, commercial projects require on-going maintenance. Ask about discounts for long term commitments, and work to build a relationship in which you both are concerned with water and energy savings.

4. Ask for references from previous customers.
Nothing speaks louder than a great referral. While you may not be able to get a hold of a large business owner, checking online and through various referral sites can build a pretty good character reference for the company you are considering.

5. Do you have training in green technology?
While everyone speaks of energy and water saving tactics, only select plumbers have certification in green technology. Extensive training is needed to truly understand what is possible, and what will work in certain situations.

6. What’s your guarantee?
Most reputable commercial plumbers want you to be happy with their services. Find out if the company offers a guarantee and what the policy is in case of problems or questions.

7. Understand timing and scheduling.
If you have a large project, it’s important to stay on track. When will the work be completed? What if it goes over the timeframe scheduled or over budget? What checkpoints exist along the way to keep both sides informed?

The more you ask and understand up front, the easier it will be to keep your commercial plumbing project on track.