Monthly Archives: March 2011

What if Every Toilet in the US Flushed at the Same Time?

March 30th, 2011|

Modern sanitation is a true marvel.  Americans enjoy a cleaner (less smelly) environment largely due to the amazing advances in plumbing.  We all know basically what happens when you flush one toilet.  But what would happen if every toilet in the US were flushed at the same time?

Since no one has ever attempted such an […]

How To Test and Maintain Your Sump Pump

March 24th, 2011|

A sump pump is a mechanical device used for removing water. You can use sump pumps in a variety of locations, including basements and crawl spaces. Anywhere standing water is a problem is a good spot for a sump pump. A sump pump will remove any water that invades these areas. Simply put, a sump […]

World Water Day 2011

March 22nd, 2011|

Today is World Water Day, a day dedicated to making the world more aware of the importance freshwater has on our lives, and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

The first World Water Day was held on March 22, 1993, and has been held every year since as a way to highlight specific problems […]

How Do Water Softeners Work

March 18th, 2011|

Some areas have water with high levels of magnesium and/or chloride.  Elevated levels of these minerals lead to the label “hard” water.  Over time, these minerals can cause two types of problems:

1. You may notice that hard water leaves a residue or “scale” inside teakettles and coffee pots.  Magnesium and chloride tends to stick to […]

An Introduction To Backflow Prevention

March 16th, 2011|

Backflow is the term used to describe the reverse flow of water back in the direction it came from. It can happen in any type of plumbing or piping system, including the plumbing in your home. Backflow can cause clean water sources to become contaminated.

Backflows can be caused by a number of reasons, including the […]

Basement Remodeling: Adding A Bathroom

March 11th, 2011|

Your basement should be a useful space in your home, not simply an area for storage. With a finished basement, you can add square footage and value to your home. With the addition of a bathroom in your finished basement, your home’s appeal goes up even higher. Adding a bathroom to your basement is not […]

Save Water In The Garden With Drought Resistant Plants

March 10th, 2011|

As spring approaches, millions of people are getting ready for some overdue TLC in the garden. Whether your home is new or old, the yard surrounding it is an important part of curb appeal. You may be tempted to rush out and buy the prettiest foliage you can find. However, it is important to take […]

How To Care For A Septic Tank

March 4th, 2011|

Your septic tank is a vital part of your home’s plumbing. The septic tank is the place where all the wastewater from your home goes. This means everything from your dishwater to your toilet water ends up in your septic tank.

If your septic tank ever stops functioning, it can mean a big mess, days or […]

How the Colorado Carbon Fund is Helping Colorado

March 3rd, 2011|

The Colorado Carbon Fund, or Project C, is a project that was begun by Colorado’s Governor’s Energy Office in an attempt to make Colorado a greener state.  The founders of the project were concerned with the global warming trends and what that could mean for the future of our planet.  So, they decided to begin […]