A sump pump is a mechanical device used for removing water. You can use sump pumps in a variety of locations, including basements and crawl spaces. Anywhere standing water is a problem is a good spot for a sump pump. A sump pump will remove any water that invades these areas. Simply put, a sump pump has a float. When water makes the float rise to a certain level, the sump pump turns on and starts pumping the water out.

Sump pumps are designed to last for a long time. However, no mechanical device is perfect and they all need proper maintenance and testing to ensure they work right. If you have a sump pump in your home, make sure you test it on a regular basis and provide simple maintenance. By testing your pump regularly, you will be able to fix any problems before the pump is needed. Regular maintenance will help keep your pump working right for many years.

To test your sump pump, the float has to be lifted until the pump comes on. If you can add water to the area where the pump is located, the float will rise and switch on. This means your pump is working. If adding water is not an option, you can lift the float with your hand until the pump comes on. Make sure you do not let the pump run longer than a few seconds without water in it, otherwise, you could damage the pump. If your sump pump does not come on, have it serviced immediately.

Maintaining your sump pump takes only a few minutes of your time every few months. Run clear, clean water through your sump pump to remove any dirt and debris. Dirt and debris can cause a pump to become clogged. You should also make sure the location is free of debris. By taking care of your sump pump, you will not have to worry when the rains come down and the water starts to rise. You will know that your sump pump is doing its job.

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