There is nothing quite as distressing as flushing your toilet and watching the water start to rise. A clogged toilet can cause a lot of damage, especially if it is not fixed quickly. There are many reasons why your toilet could be clogged. Small children have a tendency to flush things. Sometimes tree roots break through the pipes and cause clogs. Another reason why your toilet could be clogged is the toilet paper you use.

People tend to overlook their toilet paper as a clogging culprit. The truth is that while marketers have been doing a better job with promoting extra strong and soft toilet paper benefits, the same benefits that are a plus to you may be a minus to your pipes and sewer system. If you have older pipes, you may be even more at risk.

While some countries resort to not flushing anything, including toilet paper, that isn’t an option for us here in America. We like the convenience and cleanliness of flushing. So the key then becomes finding the best toilet paper available that gets the job done, and keeps your pipes and sewer system at minimal risk.

The ideal toilet paper is one that is soft to the touch, strong enough so it does not fall to pieces when you use it, and has a fast rate of dissolving. Today’s push for Ultra Soft toilet paper is attractive for our senses, yet is not the brand for you if you have finicky plumbing. Even though this toilet paper tested well in softness and strength, it does not dissolve fast.

Instead of battling with a plunger after every bathroom visit, spend a little time on the Internet and choose a toilet paper that fits your needs and is kind to your plumbing. Good Housekeeping ran tests on 22 different types of toilet paper, including one, two and three ply versions, and ranked them according to absorbency, softness, strength, and clogability.  It’s a good place to start. With so many brands on the market, including store brands, you are sure to find the perfect toilet paper for you.

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