Thinking of going green in your bathroom? Here in Colorado when we think green, we think first of the water supply. Your first thought may be to install a low flow toilet, which is a great start. But what about the resources involved in producing toilet paper, and even the updated flushable wipes?

In many other countries, the use of a bidet is the common choice. In fact, some places find the mere thought of toilet paper dirty and unsanitary. In the US, bidets are not common fixtures – however, environmental concerns could have more people using bidets instead of toilet paper.

There are several environmental reasons to use a bidet.

Bidets decrease the use of toilet paper. It takes about 10 million trees to create enough toilet paper every year for American consumption. Bidets eliminate the need for chopping down trees.

Bidets can also help save water, which may sound strange since a bidet uses water for cleaning. However, bidets can save water by eliminating the need for extra flushes and the use of excessive amounts of water to dissolve the toilet paper.

Bidets can also eliminate the billions of gallons of water used every year to make toilet paper.

Bidets can save you money. Not only will you save money on your monthly water bill, you will also save money on purchasing toilet paper. Depending on the cost of your usual choice of toilet paper, your bidet could pay for itself in about a year. Once it is paid for, you will be saving money every year after that by not having to buy toilet paper.

Bidets can provide a different approach to hygiene. They offer a cleaner option for bathroom use.

If you are trying to live a greener life and want to do your part for the environment, consider talking with your plumber about installing a bidet. It may be a great addition to you’re your new bathroom.