Have you survived the drenching rains this past week here across the Denver Metro area? While its great to get the occasional rain shower, adding several inches of rain this past week to already saturated soil is starting to be concerning to many neighborhoods.

It seems once a year the monsoons set in, and the rain comes down. While its not the norm, it is something we have to prepare for. The last thing you want is a wet basement, even if it is once per year.

Have you thought about a sump pump? Or if you have a sump pump, is it working?

A sump pump is a very simple mechanical device that pumps the water out of a location when it senses water is there. A sump pump is a fairly simple and straightforward device, and is designed to last for a long period of time. But like any working piece of equipment, it can and will have problems over time.

If you don’t have a sump pump in your basement, and walked down into a puddle of water today, its time you installed one. A plumber will help you find the ideal location and have one installed in no time.

If you do have a sump pump and you noticed water today, its time to test your sump pump to determine if its still working, or if its time to replace it. You can test it yourself, or a plumber can perform a quick test and let you know the results immediately.

While we may be coming to the end of this summer’s rainy season, we do live in Colorado. And that means the wild weather will return soon enough, potentially putting your basement and your home at risk. Use this current storm cycle as a warning sign, and make sure you are ready for the next time.