With tighter times, people are taking a closer look at their spending.  They cut back on things they don’t need, and they look for alternate solutions for things they do.

Why call in a professional if there is a product on the market that claims to do the same thing for a fraction of the cost? Walk down the cleaning aisle of your local hardware or discount store and you’ll find a variety of products that make huge claims.   With such an affordable “Do-It-Yourself” solution available, why should we fork over the money to pay a professional for drain cleaning?

Drain Cleaners don’t always work – While it is true there are several excellent clog clearing chemicals available at your local store, these may not be the best choice for that clog gone awry.  If your clog is too big, the chemicals may not be enough to clear it.  While the chemicals may seem to fix the problem, they might just be delaying and causing a more difficult problem that will surface at a later date.

Owning a plumber’s snake does not make you a plumber – Another common DIY solution for clogged drains is to use a plumber’s snake.  While this may fix the problem temporarily, like the chemicals, you may be creating a bigger problem.  DIY snakes may chip away at the surface of the clog, leaving behind larger problems and a foundation for a new clog to form.  Also, your plumber’s snake might be too short to reach the true source of the problem.

Your sewage setup may not appreciate your amateur attempts – Have a septic tank?  The system used to regulate a tank is rather delicate and can be disturbed by excess chemicals poured down the drain.  While you may temporarily fix your immediate problem today, you may find yourself cleaning up more than your drain in the future, especially if you resort to cleaning chemicals on a regular basis.

The bottom line is a professional will be able to do a better job the first time, without jeopardizing the system’s integrity.  If a clogged drain is truly causing a problem, consider calling in a professional.