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Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire A Plumber

June 30th, 2012|

The plumbing in your home is an essential part of your home. You need it for taking baths, cleaning the dishes, doing laundry, and a myriad of other tasks. It seems as if we take our plumbing for granted – until it stops working properly, we just do not notice it. When a problem arises, […]

Plumbing Help: Tips To Consider Before You Remodel

June 28th, 2012|

Ready to get started on your home makeover project? The bathroom is always a great place to start. How about adding a steam shower, or upgrading the look and feel to something that says “home spa”?

When it comes to remodeling, you are already thinking in overdrive.  There are so many decisions to make.  What color?  […]

Is The Lead In Your Pipes and Plumbing Affecting You?

June 22nd, 2012|

If you have your water tested, you will likely find various minerals and elements present. Some of these minerals and elements are found naturally in your water. Others leach into your water during its journey to your home’s faucets. It is important to know what is present in your water because some things can be […]

Common Plumbing Problems That Cause Water Damage

June 21st, 2012|

Water damage to your home can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. One of the primary causes of water damage is plumbing problems. Instead of waiting for a potential problem to appear, be proactive and correct dangerous problems before they happen. The following list includes some of the most common plumbing problems that can […]

Health and Safety With American Plumbing

June 15th, 2012|

With our modern bathroom facilities we have today, its easy to forget that just a generation or two ago, things weren’t quite so “modern”. Outhouses were common place, and our modern day bathrooms were anything but hygienic. As so frequently occurs even today in developing countries, bacteria and disease were spread easily.

Today, our health and […]

Why You Should Purchase A Carbon Monoxide Detector Today

June 14th, 2012|

Carbon monoxide is a killer – a silent killer. Many people have fallen victim to the dangers of carbon monoxide. Don’t let it happen to your family.

Carbon monoxide results from incomplete combustion. This means the controlled flame of your natural gas furnace could malfunction and lead to deadly levels of carbon monoxide within your home. […]

Why A Tankless Water Heater Doesn’t Mean You’re Green

June 6th, 2012|

Conserving energy and protecting the environment is becoming the “norm” in today’s society. It seems as if everything now has a “green” version, from appliances to automobiles. Living a green life is important – it reduces your carbon footprint and helps you protect the planet for future generations. However, simply having a green appliance does […]

Kitchen Redesign – Is A Stainless Steel Sink For You?

June 1st, 2012|

Kitchen renovations are one of the easiest ways to add value to your home. Even if you have no intentions of selling your home, redesigning your kitchen can make it more appealing and comfortable. After all, if you plan on spending the rest of your life in your house, you want a kitchen that fits […]