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Things You Might Not Know About Water

July 27th, 2012|

Water is the liquid of life. Without it, we cannot survive.

Water is necessary for a variety of things other than survival. We use it to clean our homes, our bodies, our dishes, and our clothes. We use it for cooking, keeping our gardens thriving and our lawns green. Water is a refreshing change during the […]

The History Of The Shower

July 26th, 2012|

Chances are that when you shower, you give no thought as to its history. As long as the shower works and you can get clean, that is all that matters.

The shower actually has an interesting history and, while you may never have a use for the knowledge, it never hurts to learn something new. The […]

How To Extend The Life Of Your Water Heater

July 20th, 2012|

The water heater in your home is an important appliance. It may even be the most important appliance. Without a water heater, you have no hot water (unless you enjoy heating it on the stove).

A water heater provides access to instant hot water for bathing, laundry, and cooking. When your water heater stops working, it […]

How To Care For Your Plumbing If Your Home Has A Septic System

July 19th, 2012|

When your tub does not drain or your toilet refuses to flush, it could be a problem with your septic tank. The septic tank is a vital part of the plumbing system for many homes. When the septic tank has issues, a home’s entire plumbing system will have issues. To ensure that your septic tank […]

Why You Need A Rough In Plumbing Diagram For Your DIY Projects

July 13th, 2012|

Are you planning major renovations for your bathroom?  Do you have a kitchen overhaul in the works?  If you are considering (or currently working on) a DIY project in the kitchen, utility room, or bathroom, you will probably need a rough in plumbing diagram.

What is a rough in plumbing diagram?  Before you can consider creating […]

Plumbing Upgrades That May Save You Time and Money

July 11th, 2012|

Plumbing is a vital part of your home. Without it, you cannot have the basic things you need, such as running water, flushing toilets and draining bathtubs.

Yet even though your home may have come with the basics doesn’t mean you have to stick with the basics; there are lots of choices available to you. Maintenance […]

Understanding LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program

July 6th, 2012|

In 1993, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) was formed. It was created to fulfill a need – the need to have future structures be sustainable. To put it in simpler terms, the USGBC was designed to ensure that future structures – buildings, homes, etc. – were sustainable in terms of design, build and […]

Gas Leak Safety Tips

July 5th, 2012|

When it comes to powering your appliances, Natural Gas is an excellent and cost effective alternative to electricity.  However, just like any power source, gas leaks can cause serious harm if they are not dealt with properly and quickly.  Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself and your family from a […]