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How to Find a Top Plumber to Install a Water Heater

September 28th, 2012|

Some things in life require a lot of maintenance. Some things don’t.

If your water heater is one of those appliances that constantly needs pesky repairs, it might be time re-evaluate your situation. Repairs can become costly and time consuming, especially when they occur often. If you are at the point that your water heater is […]

Can Your Water Heater Be Dangerous?

September 27th, 2012|

We take hot water for granted.  If there is hot water to wash clothes, dishes, and ourselves, we seldom think of how it got there.  Out of sight, out of mind; so long as the water heater is working it is ignored.  But while you are busy with your life, your water heater may be […]

Your Water Heater Can Provide You With Emergency Drinking Water – Here’s How

September 21st, 2012|

Clean drinking water is something you should never be without during an emergency – with your hot water heater, you never have to be. Whether you are suffering the effects of a flood or major power outage because of natural disasters, you should know how to get emergency drinking water from your hot water heater.
Turn […]

Things That Will Clog Your Pipes

September 20th, 2012|

You are probably aware of the large items that should never find their way into your pipes – but there are many everyday items that you may never give a second thought to throwing down your drain. What you may not know is that these items can cause havoc in your pipes, eventually leading to […]

What a Property Manager Needs To Know About Plumbing

September 14th, 2012|

As a property manager, you already have your hands full managing each of the different properties and keeping the tenants happy. The job of a property manager never stops – especially when there is a plumbing crisis. It is important for you to know exactly how to handle any plumbing crisis. No, you are not […]

5 Things You May Not Know About Your Plumbing

September 13th, 2012|

As a homeowner, you should have a basic understanding of the plumbing that makes your home work. That does not mean you have to go to classes to become a certified plumber – it is just important to be able to understand the 5 basics of plumbing that will allow you to be knowledgeable when […]

Why Does My Toilet Flood My Sink?

September 7th, 2012|

When you flush your toilet you anticipate that the water (and its contents) will swirl around a little bit and then make a hasty retreat from your home.  It can be a bit disconcerting then, if some of the water (or worse) decides to make a impromptu encore appearance in your sink drain!

Since none of […]

New Bathroom Tub? The Differences Between Free Standing and Built In Jetted Tubs

September 6th, 2012|

Ahhh, imagine relaxing in your very own jetted tub every night after a long day of work and play. Nothing will feel better on your tired muscles than soaking in a warm bath.

If your remodel includes the bathroom, you may be looking at a variety of things. How about a jetted tub?

Choosing a tub can […]