Looking for a way to save money in the New Year?

Today, the trend is for homeowners to find ways to make their home friendly to the environment. One very effective way to do this is with eco-friendly plumbing. When you have “green” plumbing installed in your home, you have the benefit of not only doing your part to save the planet, but you might also be able to save yourself a large amount of money at the same time.


When you think of your plumbing, almost any fixture can be altered to become more eco-friendly. There are various green toilets that can be installed in your home. The main benefit behind these new units is their ability to use less water than the standard toilet. You have two choices when it comes to installing a new toilet. Dual flush units allow you to choose a short flush or a long flush – which uses only the amount of water actually needed. You can also choose toilets that flush more efficiently, only using 2 gallons per flush.


Faucets are one of the leading water consumption outlets. If you want to reduce the amount used in your home, you can install a faucet with a restrictor, restricting the amount of water used at one time. You can also install new showerheads that have alternatives, such as low-flow or streams that allow you to adjust them to your needs. All of these features allow you to use less water with each shower.


The best way to give the plumbing in your entire home a greener effect is to insulate the pipes. This is also one of the best ways to save money, as it will take less time for you to receive the hot water that you desire. This means that you will not only use less water, but also less energy heating it up.

Finding the eco-friendly plumbing that works for your family will help you to save significant amounts of money on your utility bills. When you add up the yearly savings in comparison to the cost of installing the new items, you will see the savings and be happy with your choice to go green.