Thieves today are coming up with creative ways to make more money, including stealing backflow devices right from the property of commercial businesses. While this might seem like an odd item to steal, the metal can be turned in for cash, giving thieves reasons to try to steal them. In order to prevent your device from being stolen, there are a few important precautions you can take.


The first step you should take is to surround your device in a cage. When the right cage is chosen, it will make it more difficult for thieves to even attempt to get at your backflow device. Sometimes simply using a cage is not enough; however, you should ensure that it is permanently mounted to a secure structure, such as the cement. To take it a step further you could also paint the cage to blend in with its surroundings. Last, but not least, you should lock the cage with a lock that is tamper resistant to make it nearly impossible for thieves to get it open.


Rather than calling attention to your backflow device, you should do your best to camouflage it. This means increasing the landscaping around it and making sure that the colors all blend together so that even a passerby would not see it when close up.


In the event that your backflow device is stolen, you should have the make, model and serial number written down in a secure area. You should also have video surveillance installed in order to catch the thieves in action. This could also serve as a method of precaution, especially if you take the time to post warnings that visual aids are in use and that anyone on the property will be videotaped.