In many parts of the world, the bidet toilet is often found in a household bathroom. In the USA, they have not quite caught on yet. Yet is our way the best way? Or is there something the rest of the world sees that we haven’t quite figured out yet?

What Does it Do?

The main difference between a bidet and a regular toilet is the presence of a faucet in the middle of the bidet toilet. The faucet is meant to clean a person’s body after they are finished going to the bathroom by providing a fresh stream of water to wash the necessary areas and leave the person feeling clean and fresh. In some countries, people still wipe up after using this toilet, but many just go on with their business.

Better Cleaning

The main reason that most people use or want a bidet toilet is the clean feeling that it leaves them with after using the bathroom. Many people feel that it is much more hygienic to use this method rather than simply wiping with toilet paper, as is the norm in America. It is the best way to rid your body of bacteria that is left behind after using the bathroom.


As with any item that you add in your home, homeowners can add many accessories to their bidet, if they desire. A few of the common accessories include a heated seat, various types of streams, including multiple temperatures, and automatic dryers to dry a person off after using the stream of water.

The bidet toilet has not quite yet met its popularity in America, but that does not mean it might not be the perfect choice for you. There are various places where you can find this special toilet to install in your home to start giving you and your family its hygienic benefits. Talk with your local plumber before your next bathromm remodel … and add a bidet.