Property managers can be excellent assets for rental property owners.  They serve as a mediator between the owner and the renter, and serve to maintain and improve the property.  While the specific duties of a property manager will vary from case to case, the general job description is the same.

Property managers handle different things every day. One day may bring a full day of helping tenants face to face; while the next day may bring offsite tasks with little human connection. Every day brings something new – which is usually what property managers enjoy.

Yet like other jobs, property managers too have the jobs they love … and the jobs, well, not so much.

They may love talking with tenants and doing small projects that improve the property. But when toilets stop up and overflow, causing flooding throughout the building, these snowballing emergencies can wreck havoc on anyone’s day.

No one likes emergency situations, whether you are at home or at the office. And like a homeowner, a property manager can avoid these situations simply by staying on top of maintenance, and working with a plumber that can provide the latest technology and maintenance schedules available.

In residential properties, property managers may improve the restrooms in several different ways.  These improvements could be as simple as updating hardware and lighting (replacing florescent bulbs with led).  Middle budget improvements might include updating toilets or faucets to low water use or low water flow options.

Occasionally, the property manager may be authorized to make a total bathroom renovation for a residence.  These improvements could include a new vanity, sink, tub, etc.  The level of improvement provided by a property manager will depend greatly upon the level of involvement of the owner, and the budgeted allowances for the property.

Commercial restroom improvements fall along the same lines as residential, only on a greater scale.  When it comes to commercial property restroom improvements, the property manager will need to consider customer needs (handicap accessible, diaper changing station, etc.), safety regulations, and regular maintenance.  Restroom improvements for commercial sites may include updating to hands free technology or investing in a more eco-friendly restroom model.

With so many choices available, choices that can make your job easier and worry free, being proactive may in fact save you valuable time and resources down the road.

Are you ready to evaluate your restroom technology?