Plumbing is one of those areas we typically ignore until it becomes problematic.  You don’t question the functioning of a toilet or a sink until it starts to back up, refuses to flush, or decides to emanate an unpleasant odor.

Drains work in a very similar manner…if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it (or think about it).  But if we actually spent a little time maintaining our drains (and other plumbing fixtures) along the way, we would have a better chance of avoiding the problems altogether.  Another old saying says “A stitch in time saves nine.”  When it comes to plumbing, a routine check up can save you from a serious problem down the road.

If you have commercial properties it is especially important to keep your drains in top condition.  Your property is money, and a major issue like a backed up drain can cost serious time and money.  While a little preventative drain cleaning can cost a bit up front, the peace of mind it buys will definitely be worth the time and money.

But what exactly is involved in preventative drain cleaning for commercial properties?  As odd as it sounds, preventative drain cleaning is a little like going to the dentist (only a lot less painful).  When you go to the dentist for your annual (or semi-annual) cleaning, they take x-rays and study your teeth to see where any current or potential weaknesses are.  They fix the issues that need attending right now, and mark the areas that could cause issues down the road.

Similarly, when a professional drain cleaning company comes for a preventative drain cleaning, they examine the drains and attached piping for any issues.  Current problems are dealt with: little debris collections are cleaned out to prevent larger clogs later.  Also, the team will check for any future concerns in the piping or drain.  For instance, roots growing near the pipes might suggest root inclusion issues down the road.  Regular preventative drain cleaning will help you navigate potential hazards and deal with them before they become big problems.