A home’s water main line is a key element of the plumbing system.  Since the water main line brings the water into the home, without the water main line, plumbing within the house is useless.

A break in the water main line could cause major problems for the home, including possible structural damage.  So, while it is important to catch a break early, it is also rather difficult to catch a break at all.  Here are a few potential indicators that could alert you to a possible water main line break.

A higher water bill – One potential indication of a broken water main line is a higher water bill.  A broken water main line will cause a leak…translation, more water being used.  If your water bill is higher without a direct cause, you may be facing a broken water main line.  Just remember, a broken line is not the only potential cause for a higher water bill.  Changes in seasons can cause changes in water usage.  For instance, summer would likely cause a jump in your bill because of watering the lawn.  So, a higher water bill alone is not sufficient proof of a leak in the water main line.

Soggy spots in your yard – A leak in a water main line will cause water buildup in that area.  This can lead to a soggy spot over the location of the leak.  This in combination with a higher water bill would be a relatively good indication of a broken water main line.

Bulging spots in your yard – Certain types of soil respond differently to a subterranean water supply.  Rather than becoming soggy, certain types of soil will bulge and bump up.  If you discover strange bumps in your yard or new cracks in your home’s foundation, you might want to call a professional plumber for an assessment.