Common DIY Plumbing Projects Most Homeowners Shouldnt Try

When your home’s plumbing has a malfunction, you may be tempted to fix it on your own. This is a fine choice – if you are a licensed plumber. However, if you do not fully understand plumbing, you could be getting yourself in over your head. You could also wind up paying big bucks for your mistakes. Here are some common DIY plumbing projects that you may be tempted to try, but that you should avoid at all costs.

Plugged drains – if your drain is clogged with hair or another easy-to-fix problem, go ahead and give it a shot on your own. However, if your problem is so big that drains are backing up all over your home, you need to call in the pros. Your problem is obviously not something as simple as a hairball, and it may require the use of serious plumbing equipment or even pipe replacements.

Dishwashers – it may seem like an easy job to install an itty-bitty dishwasher; however, there is often a lot of work involved with the installation. Not only do you have to install the dishwasher under a cabinet near the sink, you have to make sure that the water and drainage lines are properly installed. One small mistake, and you could be faced with a huge, leaking mess.

Pipes – when the task at hand requires the replacement of pipes, leave it to a professional. It may seem easy enough to replace a small length of pipe, but you may not discover leaks until it is too late, especially if the replacement is behind a wall.

Water heaters and treatments – the installation of water heaters and water treatment systems are best left to the pros. With water heaters, you have to connect gas lines in addition to water lines. With treatment systems, you have to alter the water lines where they enter your home – in other words, the main water lines. One mistake, and you could wind up without water throughout your home.