8 Ways To Run Your Home With Natural Gas

When you think about natural gas, you probably think about cooking and heating. Natural gas is an affordable type of energy, even more so than electricity. It costs about 68 percent less than electricity. You may not know the many ways you can utilize this affordable energy source to help operate various things inside your home. There are numerous ways you can use natural gas to run your home, including:

1. Cooking – Of course, natural gas is a widely used resource for cooking. It provides quick heat and even temperature control. Electric stoves simply do not provide the same control when used for cooking, which is why natural gas is the preferred choice of many professional chefs.

2. Heating – Using natural gas as a heat source for your home is another way you can run your home with natural gas.

3. Cooling – When you think about natural gas, you probably do not think about cooling. However, natural gas air conditioners, although more costly than traditional air conditioners, actually have a longer lifespan and use less energy.

4. Grilling – Natural gas is becoming a popular choice for grilling, as well. It burns cleaner and provides the same even temperature control on a grill as it does on a kitchen stove.

5. Clothes dryer – Natural gas dryers can be found in millions of homes. Just as when natural gas is used to heat your home, using it to dry your clothes is more energy efficient than electric dryers.

6. Pool heaters – You can even use natural gas to provide heat for your swimming pool or Jacuzzi. Again, these types of heaters can cost more initially, but over time, they will save you money, and they have a longer lifespan.

7. Fireplace – Using natural gas to power your fireplace will provide you with clean, safe fires during the cold winter months.

8. Electric distribution – Although this particular method of using natural gas still has a long way to go, it proves that natural gas can be used to generate and distribute electrical power throughout your home. This means you could power all of your outlets – even your entire home – with natural gas, rather than traditional electric power.