A plumber is a plumber, right?

The Difference Between Commercial Plumbing and Residential PlumbingIn many cases, that’s not always true.

For instance, did you know there is a difference between a commercial plumbing expert and a residential plumbing expert? They work differently, have different specialties, and perform different tasks on a regular basis.

A residential plumbing company mainly works on routine tasks again and again. When they visit a home, they know the majority of their work will be related to one of three things: the water heater; a blockage, such as a backed up drain or a stopped toilet; or a leak.

A commercial plumbing company mainly works with regular clients, and focuses in on maintenance more than problems. A good commercial property owner knows that if things are well maintained, there are less chances of things to go wrong, causing chaos for the businesses or clients in their properties.

A residential plumber understands smaller scale problems and solutions. They know in certain communities, they may need permits for changing out a water heater, or helping a homeowner remodel a bathroom.

A commercial plumber understands plumbing issues on a grander scale. They may work to make sure bathrooms stay in good working condition in a business office. They may understand boilers that fully operate a retail location. They may visit one location again and again, having regular stops and visits every single month.

A residential plumber knows that most tasks can be completed during normal business hours. They also understand that many plumbing problems are emergencies – how do you stop overflowing water when you come home at midnight? They typically offer you the best deals during 9 to 5 situations, charging emergency fees when you need help during off hours.

A commercial plumber typically takes on an account and is in charge of that account no matter what time of day work needs to be done. In some cases they may need to service their clients during off hours – you would never want to install new plumbing during normal office hours when businesses are relying on things to function.

Can a residential plumber perform commercial jobs? Can a commercial plumber perform residential jobs? The short answer is – of course. A plumber understands how the plumbing system works.

But if you have a specific need, make sure you talk with the plumbing company first to make sure they can offer you the type of service you need, with the experience to get the job done as efficiently as possible.