Celebrating National Water Quality MonthIf you have ever been appreciative of your water, there is no better time than August to show your appreciation. August is National Water Quality Month! It is a month to remember that the quality of water is essential to the survival of the human race. Without good, clean water, none of us could even survive. Water is a life-sustaining resource, and it should be protected to ensure its cleanliness. National Water Quality Month is the ideal time to remember some important tips for helping to do your part to improve water quality.

  • Learn about watershed. Watershed is the water that runs off from fields, parking lots, homes, etc. – essentially, any water that is not absorbed into the ground. Water has to go somewhere, so it runs off into a watershed. While only one home’s runoff may not impact water quality, runoff from thousands of homes can have a significant impact. Learn about your areas watershed and research ways you can minimize your own water runoff, including:
    • Reduce pavement around your home. The more natural ground available for water to absorb into, the better.
    • Watch what you flush. Flushing old medications can lead to diminished water quality.
    • Avoid using harsh chemicals that can affect the quality of water. Instead, try to find natural methods of cleaning.
    • No fertilizers or other chemicals on your lawn! These chemicals absorb into the ground, especially with rainfall, and can quickly diminish the quality of water.
    • Make sure you clean up after your pets. Waste matter that gets into the water can reduce its quality.

The best thing to remember about water quality is that almost anything can affect it. From your personal wastewater to pet waste, from harsh chemicals to medication – when these things find their way into the water source, they can significantly impact water quality. Do your part to protect the water and encourage others to do their part, too.

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