With the amount of water we’ve received right here in Colorado this past month, its easy to assume we have more than enough water to go around. Yet in many ways too much water does just as much damage as not enough.

 Colorado Floods: Do We Still Need To Conserve Water?Only 1 percent of the worlds water supply is available for human consumption.

That part never changes.

And with the onset of flooding means our community experiences unhealthy and often contaminated drinking water supply. That’s why you see people rushing in to buy as much bottled water as possible.

In the coming years, more people mean more need for a clean and healthy water supply. And statistics continually show Colorado as being one of the top destinations when people consider relocating.

Up to 40 percent increased expected water demand over the next couple of decades is a possibility. Increase water demand comes from a variety of uses and needs, including a growing population, increased agricultural needs, industrial water use, and water needed for energy production.

Water is an ever-flowing resource. Just because it comes down in droves over a period of time doesn’t mean we can capture and use it for the foreseeable future. It runs off and runs down stream. It evaporates and recycles into our environment. It continually flows into the water cycle here on earth.

It also changes our systems that have been built as a part of our infrastructure. Look at the change of the land after a flood or fire wipes out trees and landscaping. With nothing to block, hold or absorb the water, it has nowhere to go but downstream. And if it’s a lot of water, there is a lot more potential for disaster.

This year, Colorado has had more than its share of problems. Fire, floods – its all impacted a great deal of people throughout our community. While these are problems we have to deal with now, it also links to a much greater problem down the road. This problem might have impacted us here today; yet tomorrow it will have similar impacts in other parts of the world.

The problem of water is local as well as global. With a finite amount of water on earth, its something we must think of and take care of, no matter what are current water supply looks like here in Colorado.

Whether you were impacted by the fires or floods, or simply think of it when you pull out a glass for your drink of water, remember water conservation is something we all are a part of. Do your part – it will impact you and your family for generations to come.

And if you want to see what your current water consumption rate looks like, or to have a water audit performed to see where you can save, give us a call.

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