Garbage disposals can be a very helpful tool in dealing with unconsumed food products, but it is not a catchall.  If used properly, your garbage disposal can make clean up easier.  If used improperly, it can break down early or cause damage to you or things around you.  In case you are wondering, here are a few things that can go wrong with a garbage disposal.

What Can Go Wrong With A Garbage DisposalThe blades could get dull – Normally, the blades on a garbage disposal are very, very sharp.  But these blades are not intended to deal with more difficult food products such as corn husks, potato peels, egg shells and the like.  These items will dull the blades over time causing a drop in garbage disposal performance.

The sink flange could get loose – The sink flange is the metal bracket that holds your disposal on your sink.  The motion and vibrations of the garbage disposal functioning could cause this piece to come loose allowing water to leak into the cupboard area under your sink.

The motor could go bad – Whether from age and use or poor assembly, the motor controlling the garbage disposal will eventually give out.  When this happens, the blades will have no power to grind food products.

The power cord could become loose – The motion of food grinding causes a constant pull on the power cord. If the cord is pulled tight, the pull of a working garbage disposal could eventually pull the wiring loose, causing a faulty electrical connection for the disposal.

The drain piping could become loose – The drain piping is what takes the ground up food and wastewater away from your sink.  Just as the sink flange could become loose, the piping leading away from the system could become loose, causing leaks.

The air break could break – The air break is a piece that controls the flow of water from your dishwasher into your garbage disposal system.  If this piece breaks, than dirty water can flow back into your dishwasher.