Your hot water heater is an important part of your everyday life. It is one of those appliances that you do not think about – until it isn’t working!

The History Of Hot Water Heaters

It is hard to imagine living without immediate access to hot water; but people do it every day, and hot water heaters were not always a part of everyday existence. Here are some more interesting facts about the history of hot water heaters!

  • Before hot water heaters, people had to find natural ways to heat water, such as fire and hot springs.
  • It was not until 1889 that Edwin Rudd invented the automatic storage water heater, which is what most of us are familiar with today.
  • In 1896, Clarence Kemp took things one step further with his solar paneled heating. This type of hot water heating utilizes solar panels for heating the water – a popular choice in sunny areas of the world.
  • In 1970, the tankless hot water heater was introduced. This type of heating heats the water with coils as it is needed – no more storage tanks of heated water needed!
  • The heated circulation system was introduced in 1990, providing pre-heated water circulated throughout your home to meet your needs on-demand.

In addition to the history of hot water heaters, here are some other fun facts:

  • 11 – the average lifespan in years of a traditional storage tank heater
  • 64 – average gallons of water used by a person each day
  • 400-600 – the average number of dollars a family spends each year to heat their water

Knowing the history of hot water heaters and some fun facts should help you have a greater appreciation of this most-handy appliance in your home. Without it, you would be stuck using natural resources to heat your water – and no one enjoys heating water on the stove just to take a bath!