When we are called in on a job, in many cases its to repair a do-it-yourself project gone bad. No, we’re not against DIY projects – in fact many little projects are perfect for homeowners. However, the more complicated the repair, the better it is to leave it to the professionals. A professional plumber will have it completed in a short amount of time, and you’ll know the problem was fixed the way it should be – which means no complicated problem arising from the repair in the near future.

Most Common Plumbing Mistakes That Could Lead To Disaster

What are the most common plumbing mistakes we see:

The Just Enough

As a homeowner, if you’re in a hurry and the sink clogs, you need it fixed now. But if you’re late for a meeting, its hard to spend the time on it you should. So you plunge it a few times or dump some chemicals down the drain, hoping for the best. That approach will only work for so long. If you clear a little, clog a little, and continue to use that approach, eventually you will end up with a severe clog that could wreck all kinds of havoc in your pipes. Of course, this isn’t limited to a simple clog; we see this throughout the home. If you can’t find the root of the problem and don’t have time to repair something completely, call in a professional to fix it the right way the first time.


You’ve started a project but when you get home, you discover you’ve bought the wrong kind of pipe or the wrong fixture. Rather than return it and do it the right way, you fit your purchase in anyway. Nope, not always a good idea. Do you know the difference between copper and galvanized steel? PEX and PVC? If you connect the wrong pipe to the wrong fixture, dangerous corrosion can happen quickly.

Improper Installation

When was the last time you started installing a new fixture, only to discover you don’t have the proper tools? Rather than purchase the right one, you install it the best you can with the tools you have – what could go wrong? Lets imagine a toilet being installed, and the bolts aren’t tightened properly, and its not leveled properly to make sure its sitting straight. While it might not happen immediately, eventually you’ll end up with a bathroom full of water.

The Quick Fix

We see this one frequently around the holidays. Your guests are due to arrive in a day or two. You’ve been meaning to fix the toilet in the guest room that never works right. You start taking it apart, discovering you have no idea how to put it back together, and every time you flush you have more water outside the bowl than in. What went wrong? Then frustration sets in because you’re on deadline. When faced with a deadline, call in the professionals. It will allow you to put your time in on what’s truly important – your family, friends and festivities – while we make the plumbing in your home as good as new.