April is Safe Digging Month, and as the weather gets nicer, it’s the perfect time to get out and start making improvements to your yard. Before you dig, know where your plumbing, electric, and other underground cable are before you dig to put in new landscaping. – Get Info

April is also the start of the warm season here in Colorado, which means water consumption goes up tenfold as our landscaping breathes new life.Spring Fever – Plumbing Tips For Saving Water

Before you pull out the garden hose, think about the amount of water you use, and look for ways to conserve.

The easiest way is to start on the inside with the basics. Every water fixture in your home now has the ability to be more water friendly.

Low flow toilets can reduce the average flush from 3 to 5 gallons, down to a mere 1.6 gallons. Dual flush toilets can reduce it further, giving you the option of being able to flush with different levels of water, depending on what it going down the drain.

Low flow faucets can be installed in every room in your home. And if you normally leave the water run for a few minutes to warm up before using, consider a recirculating system that will give you instant hot water at any time.

If you haven’t replaced appliances in awhile, look for energy star rated products that can help with your overall efficiency. Make sure washers and dishwashers are full before running.

When heading outside, look to your irrigation method and conserve where possible. If you use a manual system, be careful about how long you leave the hose in each setting. For automatic systems, consider a rain detection system to avoid watering when your lawn is saturated.

When maintaining your landscaping, always cut your grass at the highest recommended height – longer grass means less chance of burning and a need for water. Don’t over fertilize and use pesticides only when necessary. And invest in Colorado landscaping – plants that are native to our area and don’t require a large amount of water to stay alive.