Every day, people make the mistake of heading into their favorite store and buying one of the most dangerous chemicals they can bring into their homes … drain cleaners.

Every year over 1700 people suffer injuries from chemical drain cleaners. Everything from minor skin burns, to blindness, even death can occur if chemical drain cleaners wind up in the wrong hands.

The Dangers Of Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners are made from a variety of chemicals, including lye and sulfuric acid. These corrosive chemicals work by eating away at all materials they come in contact with, including your skin if it comes in contact. One accidental spill can put everyone in danger, including kids that may unknowingly touch it, or even pets as they walk through it.

When drain cleaner is poured down the drain, it begins working immediately. It starts working on whatever is in the drain as it makes its way down the pipes. In some cases the acids can begin producing a toxic gas, or can even cause the water in the pipes to begin boiling. As the gas is released, the effect can be a blow back situation in which water, chemicals and anything in the drain can come back up and out of the drain. If you are looking down, it can hit you in the face and eye, sometimes causing irreparable damage.

Now imagine those same chemicals not just going down your drains, but into your child as well. If you don’t keep your drain cleaner up and away from curious little hands, even the smallest of sips can lead to disaster. Just like these chemicals quickly begin working on the inside of pipes, it will also quickly begin effecting your child. Without quick action, the outcome can be deadly.

Needless to say, these chemicals should never be taken lightly.

And not only can they severely impact you, your family and your drains, it can also have disastrous effects as it heads down the system.

It begins in your pipes. Not only does it eat the stuff you want it to – the clog – it also starts working on the pipes. As the chemicals move down and out, it continues to harm the overall system in many ways. Treatment plants cannot break down these hazardous wastes. Instead, they pass through and wind up flowing into lakes and rivers, and back into the water supply. In some cases the chemicals damage the process so much that sewage is left untreated, and flows back into the water table.

Instead of putting you, your family, and the environment at risk, use simpler methods instead. Start with our suggestions for natural drain cleaners. Then try using a drain snake. And if all else fails, your blockage may be bigger than you can handle. Give us a call and we’ll have your drain cleaned in no time.