Upgrading your grill? Should you choose propane or natural gas?

In today’s grill market, you’ll find on average many more choices for a propane grill setup than you will a natural gas grill. But with simple conversions, you can make any grill natural gas ready.

Gas Grills: Propane or Natural Gas?

Yet what is the difference?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel found in deposits under ground. It is made up almost entirely from methane, though it does have a variety of lesser gases in the mix as well. One of those gases is propane, which is separated from natural gas during processing.

This is one of the reasons propane is more expensive than natural gas.

From a cost perspective, as a local plumber, we can install a line easily from source to wherever you choose to place your new grill outside. Cost will depend on the length of the run. There may be a higher upfront cost, but once installed, you will be charged at your normal gas usage rate for the time spent grilling.

With propane, you have a separate tank that will consistently need refilling or repurchasing. Most people have two separate tanks to have one on hand in case one runs out during the middle of your grilling. Over time, this cost can quickly add up, especially if you grill regularly.

Propane does leave your grill portable. If you regularly move your grill from one location to another, this is a big advantage. Once a natural gas grill is connected, it must stay in the same position, or be moved to another natural gas output line.

Overall, natural gas is the safer gas to have around your family. On a natural gas grill, little can go wrong. Be sure to check the hose regularly to make sure its not cracked or leaking. If you do find cracks, replace the hose immediately; never try to fix with duct tape or reattach a section with hose clamps. With propane, check the regulator every time you change the tank. It may take a few extra seconds, but it can save you from a nasty fire and in some cases an explosion.

Ready to add a natural gas grill to your outdoor living space? Call us today for quick installation. You’ll be ready to fire up the grill in no time.