Has it been a dream of yours to switch your major appliance to natural gas? There are many reasons this is preferred.

  • Natural gas gives you comfort and reliability at a low economical price
  • Natural gas is one of the safest and most reliable sources of energy
  • Natural gas has abundant domestic supplies

And its more popular than ever.

What You Should Know When Converting To Natural Gas Appliances

While it used to be difficult to find gas appliances, having to select from just a few options, the supply today is endless. From top of the line to an economical alternative, you can find just about anything you want in today’s natural gas appliances.

Yet once you buy a natural gas appliance, you can’t simply bring it home, plug it in and have it work. You have to convert your home to accept your new gas appliance. And that means installing a natural gas line from source to the outlet that will house your new appliance.

Your first step in in determining if you already have access to natural gas. Is your furnace electric or natural gas? If you already have a line into your home, converting to a natural gas appliance simply means tapping into the natural gas main and running a line to the area where you’re appliance will reside. If your entire home is run off electricity, it will involve finding the natural gas main near your home, and then running a line directly into your home.

The easiest way to start the process is to contact us directly, and we’ll check to see if natural gas is available in front of your home. We can answer any questions you have about the conversion process, and have a qualified contractor come out and look at your equipment to provide you with a thorough estimate.

Keep in mind that natural gas is dangerous. If you don’t have prior experience working with it, its best to let a licensed contractor handle all work with natural gas.