I was at a dinner party recently, and I witnessed the owner of the house stuffing the remaining dinner down the drain, packing it in as fast as it disappeared. The garbage disposal was working on overtime, trying to keep up with the mess. And while it did a good job and sent everything down the drain, I can’t help but wonder when the disaster will happen. Because it will. At some point in the very near future, especially if she does this on a regular basis, she will have one very blocked drain on her hands, followed by one very messy kitchen as pipes break and water overflows everywhere.

Drains are meant to be a modern day convenience. They are meant to provide us with an easier lifestyle. They aren’t meant to take everything we no longer want and send it on its way.

Your Drain Can Only Take So Much Abuse

Do you see yourself in this picture? Have you overstuffed on occasion?

There may be other things as well.

The Faster-Than-Fast Person

I get a lot of calls from this type of person. These are the people that know they have a problem and will do anything to solve their problems … fast. When the drain blocks up, they grab a bottle of chemicals and being pouring away. After all, the bottle says quick solution. Yet its anything but quick. These chemicals say they will do to trick, yet rarely do. Chemicals attempt to solve the problem by eating through the problem. But in many cases, the problem is simply too big. And of course the chemicals don’t know the difference between a “problem” and your pipes, so it begins eating through everything. In many cases we’ll not only have to clear the drain from the clog, we’ll also have to fix or even replace some of the pipes because they’ve been eaten through.

The Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind Person

You’re standing in the bathroom next to the toilet. You have an object you no longer want, why not flush it away? It sounds good in theory. And if you ask any two year old, it’s a fun game that can peak interest. Yet it rarely works over time. That object has a long way to travel, and there are many things that can get in its way. Tree roots. Existing clogs. If things don’t break down quickly, they have the potential of building up as more and more is added to it. Those wads of paper towel, “flushable” wipes, toys and more won’t disappear just because you flush them away. They will soon add up to a much bigger problem overall.

The Ignore It Person

This last kind of person is the most common person we see on our daily calls. This is the person who ignores all signs of a problem as they present themselves in different ways. They fail to notice all the times they add a drain cleaner to the kitchen sink, thinking its just a common problem. They fail to notice the water building up around the toilet. They fail to notice the squishy carpeting in the basement by the water heater. They assume that the problem will go away. Unfortunately, it never does. And what could have been a small issue with minor repairs quickly escalates and turns into a major problem.

Do you see yourself in any of these? If so, give us a call today. Its much easier fixing a small problem now rather than deal with the consequences of a bigger problem later.