Your home contains a series of networks and systems that provide you with all of the modern conveniences we know and expect today. While the plumbing system is a series of pipes that run from top to bottom of your home, the water heater is the heart of it all controlling where water goes and at what temperature. Its also the most expensive. Keeping it in good, working condition will guarantee that you have an efficient home with water when and where you choose at any time of the day.

And while it will generally work without a second thought, there are some problems that will normally occur, some easier to fix than others. The key is speed; the quicker you fix things, the less likely a large problem will occur. And with water, that’s a fairly important guarantee to have.

Does My Water Heater Need Professional Repair?

The first problem area to watch out for is temperature. Have you ever thought to yourself, the shower seems to need longer to heat up than normal. If you notice it, its probably a sign something is changing with your hot water supply.

  • It could be a temperature gauge that is wearing out.
  • It could be sediment building up in your tank, making your water heater not as effective as it once was.
  • It could be higher usage – have you had guests?
  • It could be a clog in your plumbing lines.

Another problem could be age. If you live in an older home and have an older water heater, the parts won’t be as effective as they would be on a new water heater. If you hear noises, have trouble producing hot water on an regular basis, or find a change in your water supply, it may be worth having a plumber in to evaluate and make recommendations. A typical water heater is designed to last 10 to 15 years, anything older could be signs of near-future problems.

Finally, its also important to watch for leaks. Those small drips and shallow pools that form around your water heater could be a sign up a leaky pipe, a leaky connection, or a tank that is about to break. If you don’t fix leaks within your water heater immediately, you risk flooding and water damage to your home.

Have further questions about your water heater? Don’t wait for a problem; have one of our plumbers evaluate your water heater and give you assurance you need you’ll have hot water without the risk for the coming year.