In very few cases, a major home repair emergency happens without warning signs. We may choose to ignore them. Or in many cases, we simply may not know what to watch for.

When it comes to a sewer line backup, you’ll never find an emergency that didn’t give warning signs first. It’s a gradual process that takes months, even years or more to turn into a true emergency. But when it hits, you’ll wish you had done everything possible before hand to eliminate the problem altogether. Its messy. Its stinky. It can be dangerous. And there are warning signs that show up well in advance.

Sewer Line Backed Up? Here Are The Warning Signs


Warning #1: Multiple Fixtures Are Clogged

One of the most obvious warning signs is when more than one fixture in your home backs up at the same time. Toilets are particularly effected by a sewer back up as it is the largest drain in your home. Toilets have the most direct path to the sewer, and rarely are your toilets working properly if the sewer line is backing up. You can also check your tub and shower, as they sit lower than drains in the sink.

Warning #2: Unexpected Reactions When Using Fixtures

If your sewer is backed up, your entire plumbing system will be affected. Which means every time you use your plumbing system, it will make strange noises or actions as it is put to the test. Flush your toilet and you’ll find the water not only doesn’t go down, but it may come up through your tub or shower. Run the faucet in the bathroom sink and you may notice bubbles or water rising in your toilet. Start up your washing machine and water begins to flow through other drains in the area. These are sure signs your sewer line is blocked, and that you don’t have a problem with a single fixture in your home.

Warning #3: Drainage at the Clean Out

If you have a main line clean out, you can verify a sewer back up in another way. Open the clean out by either unscrewing or pulling to remove the cap. Check the clean out for any waste water buildup. You should not be able to see the water coming up the clean out pipe. If water is flowing up and out, it confirms the fact that you have a sewer line backup.

If you suspect or have a sewer line backup, time is of the essence. Nothing is worse than having to go through restoration as raw sewage dumps into sections of your home. Give us a call is you suspect a problem. We can find the main problem and either get your line cleared by one of our many methods, or identify the breakage and get it repaired before further damage is done.