Have you ever opened up your washing machine at the end of its cycle, only to discover that the cycle is over, but the washing machine is anything but drained? Inside you find your clothes sitting in a pool of water, sopping wet from top to bottom. There is no throwing sopping wet clothes into the dryer and expecting them to dry anytime soon.

Typically there are four reasons why a washing machine won’t drain.

When Your Washing Machine Won’t Drain

1. Drive Belt


The first place to start is with your drive belt. If the belt is broken or isn’t tight on the pulleys, it will prevent the washer from draining properly. It may be as simple as replacing the drive belt to make your washing machine work again.

2. Blockage

It happens all the time. Someone leaves a small object in a pocket, only to have it bounce out and end up in the drain. If the drain is blocked, it will back up into the tub of your washing machine. While a larger object can cause instant blockage, other things can cause blockage over time. Dog hair, fluff, feathers – anything that’s easily transferable from the washer into the drain, yet has a solid consistency that can build up and block can be a problem. These blockages are not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, and instead will have to be cleaned and repaired by a plumber.

3. Pump Problems

When you have a washing machine that doesn’t drain, the first place to look is at the drain tube. You can easily do this by removing the tube and checking it. If this isn’t the blocked, the pump may be failing to pump the water out of the machine at the end of the cycle. In this case, the pump may need to be replaced.

4. Drain Problems

When you have a washing machine that won’t drain, and also begins spilling water onto the floor around the machine itself, it may be a drain problem, not a problem with the washer. If the drain is blocked, the water backs up into the pipe and eventually leaks out over the laundry room floor. Alternatively it could also be a blockage in the trap located in the drain standpipe, or even further down the line. You can use a drain snake to clear the line, or rely on a plumber to help you find and rid your pipes of the blockage once and for all.

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