If you have a home, and you have a drain, at some point in time you’ll have a clog. You can control it by watching what you put down the drain, yet invariably at some point something will build up, causing a clog.

Clogs can be caused by a variety of things, depending on which drain in your home has the problem.

What’s In Your Drain That’s Causing A Clog?

The Kitchen Drain Clog

In the kitchen, there is one thing that causes more clogs than anything else: grease. When you cook with grease or oil, its in a liquid form when heated. However, as grease cools, it congeals and begins sticking to everything in its path. And if that happens to be the pipes in your kitchen, it will eventually close down the pathway of your kitchen plumbing.

You’ve probably heard people using the term “oil and water”, meaning the two simply don’t go together. Grease is hydrophobic, meaning it won’t mix with water. Instead it slides off when the two come in contact with one another, meaning you can’t use water to flush grease away. Over time, grease builds up as it traps other particles flowing through the drain until it creates a big enough blockage to cause a problem.

The easiest way to deal with a grease blockage isn’t with a chemical drain cleaner, but with hot water instead. By pouring boiling water down the drain, the grease will melt, making it easier to work with. Next pour a solution of 50 percent vinegar and 50 percent hot water down the drain. This will start breaking down the clog. Do this several times as needed to help your pipes run free and clear.

The Bathroom Drain Clog

Bathroom clogs are very different than kitchen clogs. The most common clog in the bathroom consists of hair. On average, we lose about 100 strands of hair per day. Most of this is lost in the shower as we shampoo and rinse our hair, and wash with soap. Hair makes its way down the drain along with tiny particles of soap residue, creating a tangled mess deep within the bathroom pipes. Once again, dangerous chemicals won’t do a lot for this kind of clog. Instead, a auger is your best shot at reaching down to the clog and pulling it back out again.

The Sewer Drain Clog

Occasionally you may notice more than one fixture in your home clogging at the same time. When your shower or tub clogs, while at the same time you have trouble with your toilet, the problem may be deeper. Sewer drain clogs are more serious because they impact your whole house.

The reason you’ll find sewer drain clogs more prevalent in older neighborhoods is because most sewer problems stem from tree roots. The older the neighborhood, the more mature the landscaping, the more damage the roots can cause to your plumbing. Each year, your pipes go through constant freezing/thawing conditions as we move from winter to summer and back again. This can create tiny cracks barely visible to the eye, yet roots know right where to go. They penetrate these cracks, looking for water. Over time, grease, toilet paper, food, and whatever else travels through your pipes gets snagged on the roots, and ultimately causes severe damage. The only way to clear this type of clog is with professional plumbing help.

If you have stubborn clogs that won’t seem to go away, give us a call today.