Want to know what continues to be a resolution year after year in households across Colorado? Water conservation.

Even when we have a good year across the Front Range, as we did this past year, its hard not to be a little concerned when you see photographs coming out of drought strickened areas like California. Yes, there is a finite amount of water here on earth. And just because we’ve had a great year one year, doesn’t mean the same will hold true year after year. We’ve had our share of drought; we can make simple changes that will have an impact.

2015 Is Still A Good Year For Water Rebates

Some of the changes are so simple, you can do them in no time at all. And the best part is in some cases, you can actually receive money back for doing them as well.

In 2015, Denver Water is once again offering water rebates on a variety of things you use in your home every day.


If you haven’t upgraded your toilet to a WaterSense labeled toilet, now is the time. Start by looking for a toilet specifically marked with the WaterSense label. A 1.0 gallon per flush or less toilet qualifies for up to a $150 rebate; a 1.28 gallon per flush or less can qualify for up to a $75 rebate. You can find eligible models listed here, or your plumber can make sure you’ve installed the correct toilet and have everything in place to collect your rebate.

Sprinkler System

If you haven’t upgraded your sprinkler system in a while, it may benefit you to do so now. You can upgrade, make your system more efficient, and save money in the process. Denver Water provides up to $2 rebate per sprinkler head, and up to $100 rebate for a WaterSense labeled controller to be installed in your home. There are a variety of eligible models; check the Denver Water site for more information.


Water rebates are not just for residential properties; commercial properties can enjoy the benefits as well. If you are a customer of Denver Water, you may qualify for one of the many rebates they currently offer for 2015. Water rebates can be found on many different commercial items, including WaterSense labeled toilets and urinals, coin operated laundry equipment, as well as WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers and more. Be sure to check Denver Water’s list to see a full line of what is included this year in the rebate program.

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