If you have a clogged toilet, or a leaky faucet, your automatic reaction would be to call in a plumber to have the problem fixed.

But what if the problem is more extensive? What if you come home to a bathroom that is completely flooded, with several inches of standing water? Is a plumber still the best person to call?Who Do I Call To Repair Water Damage In My Bathroom?

Find The Source

Water damage isn’t always to easy to figure out where the origination point is. It could ba a slow leak that suddenly ruptured and caused larger problems, or it could be an instant problem, such as a broken pipe or fixture. The key is finding the source and determining how large the problem is before you decide the course of action.

The minute you discover water damage, turn off the water to your home and call in a plumber. If you catch the problem early enough and clean up the water mess as quickly as possible, you can keep damages to a minimal.

The problem arises when water has time to sit and do serious damage. If a leak exists for weeks or even months, damage can grow beyond the simple fix. Mold and mildew can become not only a risk to your health, it’s a hazard to fix and repair. This is where a plumbers knowledge is invaluable; they understand how to trace the problem back to its origination point, and discover what’s truly going on with your water supply (whether its visible or not).

Repair The Damage

Only when the origin of the water problem is found and fixed can repair begin. If you begin repairs on the assumption you have the problem fixed, you may quickly realize the futility of the situation if flooding occurs again.

In the best case scenario, a plumber can fix the problem with a few simple repairs. Once the water is cleaned up, you can return to life as normal. Worst case scenario would have your bathroom suffering from structural damage, with mold and mildew ever-present throughout the room. In this case, a full remediation may be the only way to bring your bathroom back up to code.

No matter what the situation, the best place to start with any water damage is with a plumber. Your first step is finding the root of the problem. Once you determine the cause, its up to you decide the course of action. Is a simple repair in order? Or do you need a complete remodel, taking the entire room down to the studs? In either case, getting your bathroom back to full working order as fast as possible starts with a phone call. Call us today.