Drain Cleaning

How To Determine If Your Main Plumbing Line Is Clogged

August 17th, 2011|

When you notice that your kitchen sink is draining slowly or your toilet is overflowing quite often, you obviously know you have a plumbing problem. Yet what you don’t know is exactly how big the problem could be. It could be a simple clog in your kitchen drain or the pipes beneath your toilet. Or […]

What If Your Drain Smells?

August 5th, 2011|

When you walk into your kitchen and smell an odor that resembles sewage, do not panic. The smell does not necessarily mean that you have a busted pipe that is leaking sewage in or under your home. The odor could be coming from your drain. Sometimes drains can start to allow sewer gas to leak […]

How Drain Cleaners Work

July 27th, 2011|

When you run the water in your kitchen sink, it can be quite discouraging to notice that the water is not draining. You naturally expect that your plumbing will stay clog-free and drain without fail each and every time you use it.

If you have a clogged drain, there are various ways you can attempt to […]

How To Unclog A Bathtub Drain

November 19th, 2010|

There is nothing quite as dismal as draining your bathtub, only to see that the water is not going anywhere. A clogged bathtub drain can be a messy hassle that might end up costing you hundreds of dollars in plumber expenses. Before you call in a plumber just to get the water flowing again, try […]

How To Avoid Garbage Disposal Problems

October 22nd, 2010|

One of the most indispensable items in today’s kitchen is the garbage disposal. While its attached underneath your kitchen sink, and quietly sits away from public view, it is the one appliance that keeps your kitchen in full working condition.

A garbage disposal works by chewing up food scraps and waste, and feeds them down the […]

What’s Really in Your Drain Cleaner?

September 4th, 2010|

Want a simple way to go green? Start by looking at what’s really in your drain cleaner.

When you experience a clog in your bathroom or kitchen sink, it’s easy to reach into the cabinet for a trusted bottle of drain cleaner. Or head to the store and select one from many on the shelves. Because […]

Tips For Clearing A Blocked Drain

June 29th, 2010|

Whether its early morning before work, or in the final preparations before a dinner party, finding a blocked drain can be more than a minor inconvenience. It can be hours of work determining where the problem lies, and finding the right tools to handle the situation.

The most logical starting point is trying powders, clog removers […]

A Simple Way To Avoid A Clogged Drain

February 4th, 2010|

Want a simple tip to avoid a clogged drain?

Every day we cook three times a day. And if you’re cooking anything on the stovetop, chances are you’ve had cooking oil you drain off before you continue cooking your meal. What do you do with the excess cooking oil?

If you’re putting it down the drain, you […]

10 Worst Things To Put In Garbage Disposal

August 20th, 2009|

While garbage disposals are one of the most frequently used items in the kitchen, it may be easy to overlook how to keep it in top shape. Here’s a look at 10 things to avoid sending down the drain. 1. Vegetable peelings If you are peeling a bunch of […]

How To Fix A Clogged Garbage Disposal Drain

July 10th, 2009|

Your garbage disposal is probably one of the heaviest worked appliances in your home, yet it’s often the easiest to take for granted – until it becomes clogged. Clogs are most often caused by the type of food and the amount of water used while using the disposal unit. Typically the waste line becomes […]

Green Approaches To Drain Cleaning

April 17th, 2009|

There always seems to be one drain in the house that needs a little more work than the others. So every few  weeks you find yourself trying to clear out a backed up drain.

Have you ever worried about pouring harmful chemicals down the drain? How does that impact the health of your family?

Increasingly we as […]

Plumbing Disasters: Clogged Drain Pipes

February 17th, 2009|

As a plumber, you see a little bit of everything. High up on the scale of plumbing disasters is clogged drain pipes – you never know what you are going to find lodged into a pipe. Here are some photos of clogged drain pipes. image source   image source […]