Plumbing Fixtures

Lead Free Plumbing – New Standards For Plumbing Fittings, Fixtures, Pipes and Valves

July 3rd, 2014|

In January of 2014, the Lead Free Law went into effect. This new law requires that every plumbing fitting, fixture, pipe and valve that is used to convey water for potable use contain less than 0.25 percent lead by weight. This law was written to ensure that our drinking water is as clean as possible, […]

Disposing Of Old Plumbing Parts

May 31st, 2014|

You’ve decided to do a few home improvement projects this year. As a part of replacing the old with the new, undoubtedly you’ll have a few things in need of disposal. The easiest way and often the most common way to get rid of it is to place it in your trash can and have […]

Plumbing Pipes and Drinking Water

May 17th, 2014|

When you pour yourself a refreshing glass of water, have you ever wondered what makes the water safe to drink? We often focus in on the quality of our water supply, but there is something else that can make a difference. Your plumbing pipes. Throughout time, we’ve used a variety of ways to transport water from source to our homes. We’ve done so using a variety of methods, some safe, some not so much.

How A Plumber Can Help You Remodel Your Bathroom

April 17th, 2014|

Have you decided that for now, you’ll stay in your current home? You love the neighborhood and its close to everything you need.

Yet if you’re going to stay, a few things need to be updated. And one of the easiest places to start is in the bathroom. It won’t be a huge inconvenience, and you […]

Plumbing Tip: Install a Hose Bib to Bring Hot Water to Your Garage

February 20th, 2014|

Hot water is something that many of us take for granted in our kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. But what about the other rooms of your home?

For instance, what if you could have hot water in your garage? Well, this is possible if you get a hose bib installed to bring the hot water to […]

How Is Your Plumbing Affecting Your Drinking Water?

February 5th, 2014|

Your home’s drinking water is a very important factor in the health of you and your family. If your home was built before 1986, there is a possibility that the plumbing pipes could consist of lead materials. If this the case, your home’s drinking water could very well be affected.

Health effects of lead plumbing
Lead plumbing […]

Plumbing Tips For Redoing Your Bathroom Fixtures

January 15th, 2014|

Remodeling the bathroom is a great way to add value to your home. It is also a great way to create the ideal ambiance you want in your bathroom.

Your bathroom needs to be a place where you can relax in the solace of a long soak after a hard day at work. It should be […]

3 Signs Its Time To Replace Your Toilet

January 12th, 2014|

Owning a home has its positives and negatives. When everything is running smoothly, its nice to sit back and enjoy the place we call home. But when emergencies strike, it can through our entire world into a tizzy.

And with household emergencies, they usually strike at the most inopportune time. Like when you’re expecting 10 people […]

New Lead Free Law For 2014 – Are Your Pipes Ready?

December 26th, 2013|

On January 4, 2014, a new law goes into effect across America that will impact the plumbing in your home here in Colorado. Its an amendment to the Safe Drinking Water Act, and will require all products sold or installed that come into contact with drinking water to have a 0.25% maximum lead content for […]

How Much Water Can Waterless Urinals Really Save You?

November 18th, 2013|

If you haven’t heard of waterless urinals, they are becoming quite popular, especially with businesses. Waterless urinals are a great alternative to regular urinals because they are cheaper and greener. And nowadays, more businesses and buildings than ever before are looking to save money and be more environmentally friendly.

So how much water can waterless urinals […]

Celebrating National Toilet Tank Repair Month

October 15th, 2013|

October is National Toilet Tank Repair Month, so now is the time to make sure your toilet is in perfect working condition.

As a homeowner, you know how costly a water leak can be. If you have a leaky faucet, you know you have a problem, and you can quickly address it. The toilet, on the […]

Does Cold Weather Impact Your Water Heater?

October 7th, 2013|

Brrrr. It’s the time of year here in Colorado where we get the most varied temperatures. You may wake up to a heavy chill or even frost in the air. A jacket is mandatory if you step outside even for a moment. Then in a matter of hours, you can be enjoying blue skies and […]