How To Care For A Septic Tank

March 4th, 2011|

Your septic tank is a vital part of your home’s plumbing. The septic tank is the place where all the wastewater from your home goes. This means everything from your dishwater to your toilet water ends up in your septic tank.

If your septic tank ever stops functioning, it can mean a big mess, days or […]

Make Sewer Line Inspection a Part of Your New Home Inspection Process

September 10th, 2010|

A sewer line inspection sounds like the most boring aspect of buying a new home. However it could possibly be one of the most important things you do prior to closing the deal. The reality is that the sewer is a detrimental part of your home, without a functioning sewer line your new house can […]

Sewer Services Offered By Your Local Plumber

July 7th, 2010|

We all have the need to call a plumber at one point or another.  In many cases calling a plumber means the sink or toilet are plugged and fixing the problem is relatively simple.  However, not all problems are simple and clear cut.  There are large, labor intensive problems that pop up and require a […]

Steps To Take When Facing A Broken Sewer Pipe

June 11th, 2010|

Within your home, there are several different types of plumbing systems, one of them being your drainage system. The main sewer line is the lifeline for your home, allowing plumbing waste a way to navigate away from your home and into the main sewer line. And if you or your neighbors have ever faced a […]

Sewer Line Replacement

April 8th, 2010|

As a plumber, we do more than install water heaters and clear your drains. We can also repair or replace water or sewer lines that are damaged, cracked or broken. Our sewer line replacement service includes:

Replacing damaged or collapsed pipes that have shifted do to frozen ground, shifting and settling, or root infestation

Restoring pipes that […]

How Septic Systems Work

December 16th, 2009|

Who owns your septic system? Your city? You as a homeowner? If you said the latter, you are correct. While septic systems in general are designed for long term, effective treatment of household water waste, if problems arise and you have to replace it, it could cost you thousands of dollars. […]

House Check: Water Main and Sewer Repair

October 23rd, 2009|

One of the great things about living in Denver is the communities and unique neighborhoods. Ask anyone in the Hilltop, Park Hill or Highlands neighborhoods why they love the area – chances are you’ll hear “the large, old trees” among the list. Older communities are popular because they are already established, in the […]

How To Clean Up After Your Sewer Backs Up

September 4th, 2009|

One of the largest, most unpleasant jobs you can face in your home is clean up after a sewer back up.

Find The Problem
While it is important to begin clean up immediately to avoid further damage, its equally important to locate the source of the problem. A sewer backup or break can be caused by […]

Plumbing Trivia – 7 Fun Facts

August 27th, 2009|

1. Why are manhole covers in the U.S. round instead of square? A round manhole cover cannot fall through its circular opening, whereas a square manhole cover could be turned diagonally and fall through. Circular manhole covers are also easier to place back into original position, and do not need […]

Schedule a Sewer Inspection Before Buying A Used Home

February 20th, 2009|

You’ve heard the nightmare stories of homebuyers stuck with the bill of correcting sewer issues. Why not ensure the quality of your sewer system before you move in?

When people decide to buy a home, they know to get a home inspection. But very few people understand the importance of asking for a sewer inspection. Especially […]