Water Conservation

How Much Water Is Your Home Wasting?

January 26th, 2012|

Water is life. Without water, you cannot physically live. Without water, you cannot cook, bathe, clean your home, or wash the laundry.

Supplying enough water to meet the needs of billions of people is difficult. It is even more difficult when water is wasted. You can help by finding ways to reduce the amount of water […]

What Fertilization Really Does To Your Lawn and Garden

November 23rd, 2011|

Everyone wants a lush, green lawn – one that is the envy of the neighborhood. Garden lovers want the biggest, most colorful fruits and vegetables on their tables. To achieve this, it takes time and effort and, in many cases, a little boost to Mother Nature.

For many people, green lawns and healthy gardens equate to […]

10 Things That Can Negatively Impact Your Water Quality

November 17th, 2011|

Have you ever thought about the quality of water you drink every day? How about the water used for cooking at your local restaurant? Or the water you swim in down at the local pool or lake?

The quality of your water is important for a variety of reasons. If your local lake has fresh water […]

Would Knowing A Products Water Footprint Help You Save?

September 9th, 2011|

You’ve probably heard the term “carbon footprint”. And most likely you know a few ways to reduce your own footprint by reducing energy consumption and carbon emission.

But what about your “water footprint”? A water footprint is the amount of water needed to produce a particular product. For example, while a small cup of coffee may […]

Why Does Water Quality Change?

June 10th, 2011|

Have you ever gone on vacation to another city, and found the drinking water to be terrible? It tastes bad, it smells funny, or leaves an aftertaste in your mouth. So you buy bottled water for the rest of your visit.

Why does the water quality change from city to city? We’re here in America, how […]

What Water Means To The World

May 13th, 2011|

An interesting article came out in Fast Company magazine about the water usage throughout the world, and what it means to our future.

As a green plumber, I consistently post information on water conservation, and how consumers and businesses can make changes now to begin conserving on a small scale. But after reading articles like this, […]

World Water Day 2011

March 22nd, 2011|

Today is World Water Day, a day dedicated to making the world more aware of the importance freshwater has on our lives, and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

The first World Water Day was held on March 22, 1993, and has been held every year since as a way to highlight specific problems […]

The Story Of Bottled Water

October 15th, 2010|

Over a billion people here on earth do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. And yet here in America, we consume over 8.7 billion gallons of bottled water each year, believing our tap water to be unsafe. Yet is it?

The Story Of Bottled Water is a great place to start to learn more […]

Quality 1st Plumbing and Blog Action Day 2010

October 15th, 2010|

As the premier green plumbing company here in Colorado, we take our job seriously. We became a leader in green plumbing because we know and understand the importance of conservation, and taking care of our one scarce and valuable resource – water.

When Blog Action Day 2010 was announced this year, we knew we had to […]

Simple Ways To Save Water

July 30th, 2010|

Sometimes it’s the simple things we do that matter the most.

By changing the way we do things around the house, we can quickly begin to see a difference. Did you know computers and other electronics use up to 10 percent of the electrical supply of an average home? And these items still use electricity even […]

Water Conservation Tips For Renovating Your Home

June 25th, 2010|

Plumbers are home owners too and when we work at renovating our homes, we start by looking at the latest water conservation ideas.

We all need to do our part to conserve resources.  And thanks to new technology, there are more options then ever. You don’t have to make a choice between beautiful fixtures or water […]

Quality 1st Plumbing Celebrates National Drinking Water Week

May 5th, 2010|

Here at Quality 1st Plumbing, our number one goal is to help you go green with your home plumbing needs. And a big part of that is water conservation. While you are working to conserve the amount of water you use within your home or business, it’s also important to highlight the importance of our […]